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My Weiqi Pages

I spent a considerable amount of time in my life dabbling in this few-thousand-year old traditional oriental game known as Weiqi, Go, Baduk, Igo, Goe, etc., and I have an amateur 5 dan diploma certified by the Singapore Weiqi Association. Not surprisingly, a large portion of my online contributions are related to Weiqi.

These days, I do not play the game much, but one of my hobbies is to compose Weiqi life and death problems.

On this site you can find some of my Weiqi related articles. For more, please visit Sensei's Library.

How To Play Go

How To Play Go is a ten-lesson tutorial on the game of Go, and was written at a time when English Go literature was scant. No prerequisite knowledge is assumed.

My Problems

This is a list of Weiqi problems I have composed either in part or in full.

Largest Capture That Still Cannot Live

I constructed a life-and-death problem where a group cannot live despite capturing a 18-stone chain.

Chinese Go Terms

The Chinese Go Terms list is a Chinese-English translation of Go terms commonly found in Chinese Weiqi literature.