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Sudoku Solver

Input the starting position of a sudoku and let this Java applet try to solve it for you.

This sudoku solver uses a set of logical heuristic rules to solve sudokus. It should be able to solve all the sudokus found in Web Sudoku and BrainBashers Sudoku. However, it does not yet solve a number of more advanced sudokus, a number of them found in places such as SudoCue Nightmare archive and the lists here.

Java runtime version 1.6 is needed to run this applet.

Your browser does not support Java applets.

You may choose to download this sudoku solver and run it as a Java application instead.


2011 August 9

Double empty rectangle solver rule added.

2010 January 2

Minor code cleanup.

2009 November 28

XYT-chain solver rule added.

2009 November 20

The sudoku solver can now generate symmetrical puzzles.

2009 November 16

The puzzle generator now uses dancing links for puzzle generation.

2009 June 29

Various internal changes.